Improving the Security in Your Office

Smart Home Security: When an Alarm Can Just Be a Push

by Wilma Rhodes

When you think of a home alarm system, you probably think of a monitoring device that emits an ear-splitting noise when triggered — a noise that will strike fear into the hearts of any would-be intruder, as well as notifying you (and anyone else in the vicinity) that your home might be compromised. This is in addition to any notifications that would be automatically sent to a security company or law enforcement services. Certainly, such a system has its benefits, but you might wish to opt for something that monitors your home in a more personalised way.

There are numerous smart alarm systems available that, while not monitored by a company, will simply send you a push notification when triggered, allowing you to determine if any further action is required. A push notification is an automated alert that is sent to an end device (which in this case is likely to be your smartphone). It's simply the system notifying you that something potentially needs your attention. So what are some of the alarm systems that can operate in this way?

Facial Recognition

The look of the actual device can vary, but it often resembles a small cylinder that is placed on a level surface (a table or shelf) and is trained on your front door. When someone enters, a small camera within the device records their face and checks it against a predetermined database of approved persons. When it doesn't recognise someone, a push notification (including a picture of the unknown person) is sent to you via your home's wifi, allowing you to see whether a family member has simply brought a friend home, or if it's an intruder. You, your family, and any frequent visitors should be added to the device's database to prevent false alarms.

Motion-Activated Camera

If you live in a small flat that doesn't have all that much space to be monitored, a motion activated camera can do the job. The device is primarily on standby, and can be turned off when you're at home so that it doesn't continually send notifications. When someone enters the space when it should be empty, the camera activates and sends you a push notification with a captured image of what has activated the camera's sensor. You can take action as necessary.

Smart Lock

Some smart locks offer convenience as opposed to additional security. But as different smart locks offer additional features, it's not surprising that many come with security options. While the lock can be deactivated by your smartphone app (and by anyone to whom you've granted access), you could install a lock that generates a notification each time it is deactivated. This means you can receive a push notification when you know that nobody should be coming or going from your home. It's a basic level of security, and yet it allows you to know when someone might be entering your home without permission.

With all the types of smart security devices that are now available, an alarm can just as easily be a push notification.