Improving the Security in Your Office

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Home Security Systems

by Wilma Rhodes

A home security system can be what you need to deter intruders and thieves, and to monitor your children or just your property when you're away from home. These systems are more affordable and easier to manage than ever, making them a good choice even for those on a limited budget and for those who are not always comfortable with technology.

When you're ready to shop for a home security system, note a few questions you might have about those choices and how they operate. This can help you choose one that offers the security you need but without add-ons that aren't necessary for you.

Why is there such a variation in price for cameras of the same size?

Size itself doesn't dictate the quality and durability of a camera body, or the quality of the images the camera will capture. A large but cheap camera might capture very blurry images, and these types of cameras may be used for simply scaring away an intruder who spots the camera.

A smaller camera may capture a very clear image, for recording faces, license plates and the like, and this enhanced imagery makes the camera more expensive. This type of security camera may also be smaller so that it can be hidden in various areas of the property, such as in the bushes, so the body of the camera may be made with a more durable, waterproof material. This also adds to its overall expense.

Do all security cameras record moving images?

The software of the camera will determine how it captures images, and some security cameras will only capture still pictures, clicking an image every few seconds. Some cameras work as remote monitors, so you can watch the camera's view from a monitor or your smartphone without actually recording anything.  

If you do want to record moving images, like a movie, you want a camera that is a video recorder, or closed circuit TV camera (CCTV alarm). This type of camera will record a moving image onto a tape, DVD or other such medium.

What if someone doesn't want their property recorded all day and night?

Many security cameras can be attached to a motion detector, so that they click on when they sense motion. They can also be installed with a timer, so they come on at certain times during the day or night, rather than running all day. Many also will have remote controls, so you can turn the camera on and off from your computer or smartphone.