Improving the Security in Your Office

2 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Business's New Entry/Exit Access Control System

by Wilma Rhodes

If your company handles delicate, confidential information, you want to take steps to ensure that it remains protected. As part of your security strategy, you may decide that you should start with managing entry to the building by installing an access control system.

One of the measures that you may have either decided upon or already implemented is the installation of an access control system. If so, you can help to increase the security of your building and enhance this system by taking a couple of simple actions.

1.  Remove Any Means of Propping the Exterior Doors Open

Even if you have a system in place that controls access to your business's building, you may still struggle with employees or visitors taking it upon themselves to prop the doors open. Even if they only do this for a few minutes, it still poses a security risk, as anyone within that time period could slip inside.

To help counter this problem and discourage people from propping open the doors, remove all objects that could be used for this purpose. Make sure that there are no boxes, ashtrays or other heavy objects nearby. You may also want to put into place a policy that will reprimand anyone who is caught on camera leaving the door open without being present.

2.  Have Contacts and Automatic Door Closing Sensors Installed

Another way to enhance the security of your building's exterior doors is to have contacts and automatic door closing sensors installed. The contacts will register every time the door is opened. If you have cameras set up on the entrances, you can also coordinate the timestamps. This way, if an unauthorised entry is made, you can easily look up the time and footage to find out who was the culprit.

Along with the contacts, automatic door closing systems will shut the door. You can have it set up to close as soon as the door is released, or you can set up a time period in which the door stays open and then is pulled shut.

Besides removing potential door props and adding additional features to the exterior doors, there are other enhancements you can make to your access control system, such as requesting mobile access and channelling alarms to your phone or integrating control with an on-site or third-party security management team. For more information about available features and options, contact a company such as one that is Gallagher certified channel partners.