Improving the Security in Your Office

Two Misconceptions About Security Cameras

by Wilma Rhodes

Here are some misconceptions about security cameras.

They Have to Be Switched On 24 Hours a Day​

One reason why some people are hesitant to put security cameras in their homes or premises is that they assume that these cameras are always switched on and recording footage 24 hours a day. For those who only need their cameras to be on when their properties are unoccupied whilst, for example, they're at work, this might deter them from purchasing this security equipment.

These people might, for instance, have concerns about the cameras being switched on and wasting electricity during periods when the footage they've recorded is not needed, or they might worry that the cameras will record them when they're in their homes and take away their privacy.  

Fortunately, this is not an issue with the vast majority of security camera systems, most of which come with timers that allow their owners to decide the exact timespans during which they are switched on and taking footage. This timer function not only helps to minimise the electricity used by these cameras but also gives homeowners or business owners greater control over their properties' privacy levels, as they can switch off the cameras during periods when they are in their properties and want to relax without being recorded.

Security Cameras Are of No Use at Night in Poorly Lit Areas

Another misconception about security cameras is that they're of no use when switched on at night in poorly lit areas, as the lack of lighting results in low-quality footage. Whilst it is true that some security camera systems are designed for indoor use in well-lit areas, there are now many cameras that come with night-vision features.

These camera systems feature infrared technology that allows them to produce clear images of the areas in which they're recording, even when there are very few or no artificial lights or natural light sources nearby. For those with properties in rural areas where there aren't any streetlights nearby, security cameras with night vision can be invaluable, as they can be used to monitor these properties throughout the night, even when it is pitch black.  

There are now even cameras that have colour night vision, which produces footage that provides clear, colourful footage of everything and everyone they record in the dark. This can make the footage they take even more useful because if, for example, a burglar is wearing a yellow and white t-shirt whilst breaking into a building at night, these cameras will capture the colour of this garment, which might make it easier for that burglar to be identified.  

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