Improving the Security in Your Office

3 Security-Boosting Features To Look For In a School Intercom System

by Wilma Rhodes

Having a standard intercom system at your school is a good idea, and if you're thinking of upgrading, it's a good idea to take a look at some of the more sophisticated models on the market. Many of today's intercoms come with advanced features that make them even better and protecting your facility, your staff and your students. Here are 3 features to look out for when you're choosing your new system.

Vandal Resistance

An intercom system is only useful if it's in working order. To keep it in working order, you have to make sure it's resistant to vandalism attempts. Not every school needs a vandal-resistant intercom system, but they're a good idea if you've had a problem with students destroying property before. Vandal-resistant systems usually have a waterproof, steel interface with resilient buttons and poke-protected speaker grills, making them very difficult to destroy. Choosing a tough unit will ensure that you never have to worry about your system being out of service as a result of student misbehaviour, and they have the added benefits of standing up to harsh weather conditions and being difficult for intruders to destroy.

Video Integration

Video intercoms are becoming more common, but many schools only utilise video feeds at school entry points. While this is great for access control and preventing intruders from entering, it doesn't help tackle incidents that take place inside the school. It's important to remember that strangers aren't the only potential threat; staff and students can be responsible for initiating violent outbursts and dangerous situations too. Having school-wide video integration is a great way to help you respond to these events if they arise. Video intercom systems can be set up to alert you to the exact room the perpetrator is in and automatically activate the video cameras in that room, giving you an instant visual link to those involved. Coupled with a speaker system, video-integrated intercoms can help you quickly deescalate a conflict before it turns serious.

Noise-Cancelling Audio

The standard intercoms you might use in a small office aren't necessarily so useful in a large school. Schools can have hundreds or even thousands of people in one place at any given time, so your intercom system needs to be able to distinguish one person's voice in a sea of noise. Look for a system with noise cancellation abilities. These intercoms can transmit crystal clear voice audio while filtering out background noise from students walking and talking. Such intercoms usually also have various volume control modes and options so you can tailor the audio to your school's environment. Alongside being helpful for transmissions inside the building, clear audio is also very useful if you have an intercom with call forwarding capabilities. Sound quality will often be reduced when transmitted over a phone line, so starting off with better quality audio will ensure that emergency responders can hear what your students or staff are saying.