Improving the Security in Your Office

Electrical Systems Under Attack: 3 Ways a Commercial Electrician Can Protect Your Business

by Wilma Rhodes

If you own a large commercial building which contains valuable stock, you will no doubt want to keep the contents as safe as possible and free from the threat posed by intruders. The best way to protect your property is to ensure you have a high quality and well thought out security system in place. A commercial electrician can help you keep it running. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which a commercial electrician can aid you when you are designing and installing a commercial security system.

Armoured wiring

When thieves target a commercial business, they will often try to cut the power supply to the building before they attempt to break in. The thieves hope that by doing so, they will compromise any alarm system, turn off any CCTV and possibly open any electronic doors. The best way of defending against this type of attack is to ask your commercial electrical contractor to install armoured wiring. Armoured wiring is very similar to standard wiring, but it differs in one important way. Between the wires and the outer plastic casing, there are a large number of steel wires. These steel wires are spun tightly around the electrical wires, offering fantastic protection. Armoured wiring is very difficult to cut using standard tools, and it is likely that an intruder will give up before they are successful.

Back up generator

If the thieves are successful in their attempt to cut off the electrical power to your premises, you won't have any problems if you have a back up generator. Ask a commercial electrical contractor if they can install a small back up generator on your premises. This generator should be able to supply enough power to keep vital systems such as CCTV and your alarm system operational so that your building is still protected. Such a system will also provide protection during a power failure.

An electrical power loss alarm

Finally, if for whatever reason the power supply completely fails, you should ask the contractor to install an electrical switch which will trigger the alarm system in the event of a power failure. This means that even if the intruders have managed to switch off the mains power supply or if key security features are not working due to a power cut, the alarm will use battery power to trigger itself. This means that the bells, flashing lights and other signals it is programmed to transmit will be sent out immediately.

If you would like further advice, you should contact an electrical contractor today.