Improving the Security in Your Office

How To Choose A CCTV System For Your Business Premises

by Wilma Rhodes

Do your business premises have a CCTV system? CCTV will prevent burglars from breaking into your offices and warehouses. Besides, they will enable you to monitor your employees at the workplace. Read this excerpt to learn how to choose and purchase a CCTV system for your business. 

Get an Inspection

Ask a professional CCTV installer to audit your business premises to determine the number and type of CCTV cameras required. The professional will need to know what you intend to monitor. For example, bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor use. They have high-resolution that allows you to zoom in and out to see fine details. Besides, these cameras have protective casings that make them water-resistant.

Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras can be adjusted remotely. They allow you to conduct live surveillance at the entry points and inside the business premises. If your business requires additional security, you could opt for security cameras with an automatic number plate recognition system. These cameras will read and store the number plates of vehicles entering your premises. They will send an alert if the system identifies a car that is banned from accessing your premises. During the inspection, the professional should also identify appropriate locations to install the CCTV cameras. He or she should inform you the accessories required to install the CCTV. For example, you will need cables and monitors.

Look for These Features

Your business CCTV system should have advanced features. For example: 

Check the memory of the system. Preferably, go for a system that has expandable memory or a cloud storage option. It enables you to store thousands of hours of footage.

Internet protocol (IP) cameras allow you to access or manipulate the system remotely.

The camera should have HD resolution and a wide aspect ratio. It enables you to capture fine details.

Some cameras integrate infrared technology that allows you to view footage recorded at night.

Instead of installing an intercom at the entry point, you could opt to purchase a CCTV camera with an inbuilt speaker.

Modern CCTV cameras come with motion sensors. Typically, the CCTV camera will shut down until they detect some movement. It helps reduce the amount of recorded footage.

The cameras should have a backup power source to keep them functional when you have a power outage.

Purchase From a Reputable Dealer

Purchase the CCTV cameras from a reputable dealer. Most dealers will give warranties and guarantees on the products that you purchase. Some will also provide free shipping, installation and maintenance services. 

When buying CCTV cameras for your business, survey the premises to establish the number and type of cameras required. Besides, go for cameras with modern features such as cloud storage, remote access, HD resolution, speakers and motion sensors. 

For more information on security cameras, reach out to a local security company.