Improving the Security in Your Office

The Benefits of Security Cameras at Home

by Wilma Rhodes

Although you might associate CCTV systems with large commercial premises and high-security areas where valuable goods are handled, modern security cameras are very suited to domestic settings these days, too. This is because many of the cameras you can fit around your home are very small and barely noticeable. Just like up-to-the-minute webcams, miniature security cameras can record in high definition to produce extremely fine detail without the need for big mounting poles or cumbersome brackets which look out of place in residential settings. What's more, digital security cameras can often transmit what they are recording over a Wi-Fi network, which does away with the need for unsightly cabling everywhere. Why else should you consider surveillance equipment around the home?

Scare Burglars Off

Although a domestic CCTV system need not be obvious to casual passers-by and visitors to your home, it will be noticed by a professional criminal. As soon as a would-be burglar has detected the presence of a security camera or two around your property, they will realise that their image has already been recorded. In turn, this will encourage them to leave your home without any attempt to enter it because they know they are much more likely to get caught. This deterrent effect can be highly effective, especially when you have other security measures in place, such as a burglar alarm.

Lower Insurance Costs

When you have a surveillance system installed at your home, the cost of your contents insurance should drop. Many Australian insurance firms will offer you a lower premium if you have an approved system installed that meets their technical specifications. Simply put, you are less likely to need to claim if you have cameras around the place that help to prevent crimes from occurring.

Keep Track of Your Home When Away

Another key benefit of having security cameras installed around your property is that they will allow you to see what is going on even when you are not there. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your children when you are at work? Maybe you want to be able to see who has been in your study without your permission? With a securely encrypted surveillance system, you can watch what is going on in a live feed direct to your smartphone whether you are in the garden or on the other side of the world. In turn, this should afford you much greater peace of mind about your home when you are away.

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